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about me

I am a UCLA alum and communications specialist with a passion for storytelling, traveling and whenever possible, mixing the two. I've visited five different continents in an endless quest to find the world's greatest cup of coffee and currently reside in Los Angeles; more specifically westside coffee shops with equally strong wifi and dark roasts.


Most recently I served as the PR Manager for the National MS Society because I wholeheartedly believe we can use the power of genuine and compelling stories to build connections to make a difference. I became connected with the Society through its the 3-Day, 50 mile Challenge Walk which I participate in each Fall to help find a cure for my mom who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis eleven years ago (btw, she's doing great!). Now, I work for GoDaddy to help empower everyday entrepreneurs and freelance in  my free time, writing for national publications and working with brands to create their brand identities, social strategies and more.


Many years ago, a younger and surprisingly wise version of myself decided to write a list. Yes, a bucket list. Young Megan made a promise to herself: I would cross off at least one "out of my comfort zone" thing from that list each year. It hasn't always been easy (I see you altitude sickness from the Inca Trail), but it's sure been a hellofa adventure so far. If you really want to get to know me, it's all between those lines.


**Note, this list does not include everything I hope to accomplish in my lifetime. It's a work in progress. :) 

  • Skydiving

  • Scuba certification (Thanks, PADI!)

  • Ride a camel through the Sahara

  • Run a half marathon along the Great Wall of China

  • Paragliding 

  • Walk like an Egyptian

  • Swim with whale sharks

  • Trek the entire Inca Trail 

  • Play with elephants (on a nature preserve) 

  • White water rafting 

  • Go on The Price Is Right

  • Install a backsplash

  • Go bananas with some wild monkeys

  • Hike up a volcano

  • Have a cappuccino at the Coliseum  

  • Visit platform 9 3/4 

  • Summit Mt. Whitney in one day

  • Summit Kilimanjaro 

  • Trek to Mt. Everest base camp

  • Shark tank dive 

  • Lay under the Northern Lights

  • Travel internationally completely solo

  • Bunjee jump

  • Have a Guinness in the Motherland

  • Write a book

  • Get a motorcycle license 

  • See a rhino in the wild (#SaveTheRhinos!)

  • Operate a tractor in the middle of a field

  • Go on a safari 

  • Get misted by Niagara Falls

  • Complete a triathlon

  • Slightly freeze at a Winter Olympics

  • Dogsled in the Alaskan wilderness

  • Ride in a hot air balloon

  • See a hockey game in Canada

  • Zip line through a rainforest 

  • Find Frodo in the Shire

  • Learn to play the violin

  • Watch humpback whales in the wild

Bucket List
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