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A brand is bit of an elusive thing. It's sometimes difficult to put into words what your brand *is*, but it''s often easy to say what it's not. 


However, no matter the industry, the most successful brands have a clear and consistent brand identity that is both trustworthy and authentic. Because when you break it down, your brand identity is essentially the personality of your business and a commitment you make to your customers.


I have developed the brand identity for health and wellness consumer products, coffee brands, hotels and luxury properties, which includes the following:


  • key brand buzz words and messaging planks 

  • development of brand personas based on target audience(s)

  • crafting of concise brand mission statements 

  • leadership bios written in sync with brand tone

  • ghostwriting bylines on behalf of leadership team

  • SWOT Analysis 


I am passionate about helping humanize brands and build genuine connections with your customers.

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