Megan Nicole O'Neal

Communications Specialist


Public Relations

Ideas that inspire. Results that make an impact.



Whether it's copy editing, or drafting feature length articles, I always have the app at-the-ready. 


Social Media




Save the date!

About Me

Favorite animal: Elephant

Comfort food of choice: Mom's homemade mac n' cheese

If I had a superpower it would be... to have the ability to feel fully rested whenever I wake up

I am a UCLA alum with a passion for storytelling whose natural habitat is in a cafe, or an airport. I've traveled to five different continents, all on an endless quest to find the world's greatest cup of coffee.

I found Megan’s work to be impressive – always meeting or exceeding deadlines with thoughtful attention to detail and creativity.
She is consistently reliable, friendly and hardworking; truly an asset!

Whitney Eshelman

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