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I like to both write, and speak my mind. Here are the most recent things I've been featured in: 

Content Writers on How They Adjusted to a Teamlance Setup

For example, brainstorming meetings ended with entirely new ideas or angles, which, as a creative professional, was exciting for O’Neal. Through these hands-on virtual sessions, they would learn from another and then assign tasks accordingly. “The whole team working at higher vibrations has a way of helping each work at a higher level,” she adds.

The Lucrative, Shady Market in Fake Reviews

NPR's Reveal News Podcast

Technology Journalist Laura Sydell takes a deep dive into the trade in fake reviews that engages doctors, small businesses, and pizza shops too across Yelp, Facebook and Google. 

Four Inspiring, Badass Female Writers to Watch

As a freelance writer and aspiring author, Megan Nicole O’Neal, being outspoken wasn’t always a quality she captured. As a child, she was so painfully shy, she couldn’t order a meal at a restaurant... In the end, she’s become a powerful advocate for people with disabilities, standing up against injustices and well, using her voice — that once couldn’t be heard — for good.

The Most Inspiring Travel Destinations on Earth

A list of 14 most inspiring destinations, as told by creators.

Victim of Cyberharassment? Verizon Will Help You… For A Price

Well, a California woman decided to talk about her experience with Verizon. Talking about how she was a victim of cyberharassment and being told that Verizon would keep the attacker away from her after paying a fee for the “Service.”

Cyberharassment victim highlights fee Verizon charges to block stalker

“There are no laws or policies in place to prevent cell companies from exploiting victims in this way, which I think is something both women and men would be shocked by and interested to learn more about, especially in this #MeToo landscape,” O’Neal said.

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