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freelance writing

I'm a big advocate for adventure, and write about health and wellness, self-improvement and living your best life. (No judgement on whatever you decide that is.)

Some of my most recent articles are below:


31 Women’s Empowerment Anthems to Blast on Repeat


On International Women’s Day, let these songs remind you of how truly fierce, strong and wonderful you and your fellow women are.

The Exponential Impact of Random Acts of Kindness


The impact of random kindness ripples out into the world and like dominoes, it builds a momentum that could spark transformations in the lives of countless others. In a world where too many are quick to point out differences, let us take the time to see, and deeply care, for our neighbors.

How Artists Tap Into Their Elusive Creative Process


Creativity is not something you turn on or off. It is intangible—an extension of yourself. Learn how other artists tap into their creative process so you can tap into yours.

21 Gift Ideas for Personal Development Junkies


Give the gift of self-improvement this holiday season and help your friends and family live their best life in 2020.

Are You Being Mindful of Your Mindset?


If what you put into the world stems from how you look at the world, make sure your current mindset matches the legacy you want to leave behind.

8 Self-Improvement Books to Devour This Summer


When it comes to personal development, there’s no better season to dive in than the present.

To supplement your staycations and highly recommended poolside lounging, here is a collection of self-improvement books to help you put your best foot, or sandal, forward.

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